Homemade Limoncello

These make great Christmas gifts or party favors!

Things you need

1 bottle ever clear

Vodka (80-100 proof)

Glass jars

Yellow lemons

Tape water

White sugar (4 cups)

Cheese cloth


Let’s start by mixing vodka and everclear in a large glass jar.

Take at least 10-20 lemons and clean their skins. You can do this with a knife or a vegetable brush.

Take the lemon zest onto the jar and shake and stir it gently. Store the jar after covering with a lid in a cool place (but not in refrigerator)

You need to let the mixture set for about 6 weeks will it turns yellow and will smell like yellow.

After six weeks, stir these lemons peels. You can also check the flexibility by shaking one of the larger peels. If the lemon peel breaks, you need to move on to the next step.

Make simple syrup by dissolving 4 cups of sugar in water; boil it for about five minutes. Put off to let it cool for some time.

Now add it to the mixture. The alcohol content is inversely proportional to the quantity of syrup you add, so decide how much alcohol you want and pour the syrup according to that.

Now again keep the whole mixture in a cool place for about 40 days and keep on stirring it once in a week.

After 6 weeks, you will see that the whole mixture has settled down and a fairy clear solution is ready for you.

Filter the limoncello by using cheese cloth and funnel in glass jars and decorate them according to your choice.


Don’t leave any pith on lemons and make pieces as larger as possible.