Super Easy DIY

Looking to make something special and handmade? ย Try PINECONE FIRE STARTERS โค๏ธ

Simply adorable and a gift they can actuallly use! ย These are so easy to make, too!


Soy wax flakes


Candle fragrance oil

Candle dye blocks

Wired candle wicking (copper cored is good)

Wooden spoon

Large heat proof container

Wax paper


Cute tags and twine to decorate - I also like glitter, but to each -their own!

Wrap the wick around the pinecone, leaving a little loop at the top (so you can dip it easily). In your heat proof container, melt the wax.

Once melted, add fragrance and candle dye color of your choice. Remove from heat.

now dip your cones and place on wax paper to dry (you can glitter now).

package them up and they are ready to go!